Sneakaces established itself as an avant-street lifestyle brand since the end. We consider ourselves advocates of the street culture & we elevate it to premium apparel. SA enforces minimal access to their goods & the only way to find the whole SA legacy is going directly to the source.

Premium Streetwear Co.

The number 2112 is a living tribute to the legacy of Sneakaces. It is the date the first official Sneakaces store opened, after two years of hard work, extreme pressure and struggle. The birth of SA is the same date as the "world end"

Since the End™

The unique creations of Sneakaces, crafted through our passion for streetwear and our will to create garments that would be suitable for premium and avant–street lifestyles.

The specific pieces is 100% handmade manufactured, by our, almost, 40-year old small factory located in Athens-GR that was passed down from previous generations.